How to recover your diet from Holiday feasting

We all do it. We all indulge a little over the holidays. And it’s okay! What is important is that we don’t keep sliding down the slippery slope.

Here are a few tips to help you get back on the healthy eating wagon.

  1. Drink, no, CHUG your water!! Believe it or not, when you feel bloated one of the best ways to reduce that feeling is by drinking more water. Your cells have been sucking up all the excess salt and sugar causing them to retain more and more fluids. BY drinking more water you tell your cells “hey, I got you! More water is coming, you don’t need to hoard all the excess!” Water also helps to remove toxins and waste from your blood and other organs. It also helps carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells, so when you are back to eating reasonably, your cells and muscles will get the necessary nutrients they need to get back to working optimally.
  2. START NOW!! Don’t say tomorrow, don’t say next week! Start eating well NOW! Have your treat meals of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, but once the meal is over get back to your regular eating schedule! Avoid those extra pounds by staying strict after your big Christmas meal. Don’t let two days turn into 1 month.
  3. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail. Have a meal plan and food prepped and ready to go once the Holiday treats are done. Having meals ready go to in your fridge or freezer will let you get back t your routine right away.
  4. Remind Yourself How Hard You have Worked! Don’t forget how far you have come! You have trained hard and have prepped and eating on point for months maybe a year even! Now isn’t the time to be side tracked by a few of Gramma’s cookies! Remember what your ultimate goal is!
  5. Eat Your Veggies! Vegetables are filled with wonderful nutrients, so stock up on them! The darker the better! Get an influx of nutrients after all the sweets and sugar you would have had. The extra fibre isn’t a bad thing either.
  6. EXERCISE!! Getting a sweat going over the holidays isn’t a bad idea. Stay on your normal workout schedule and maybe add in a couple extra weight session to help balance out your caloric intake.

Enjoy Your Holidays! But remember your goals!!

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