Natasha “The NIGHTMARE” Spence- Nutrition & Training Athlete

Professional Boxer

Record: 6(5KO)-2-1

Screenshot_2014-10-02-11-31-18-1Not only as a Professional Athlete, but as a Boxer, nutrition and diet is one of the most important parts of my overall game. It’s something athletes (especially boxers) sometimes struggle with. I often have to cut a large amount of weight leading up to a fight, and came to my own realization (after consulting with Alyssa Coppolino) that I was doing it wrong.

PhotoGrid_1413516258261Dieting is not necessarily eating less, especially when training as often and intensely as I do. I always thought cutting my meals (down to an almost dangerous amount) was the way to do it. I know now that there is an easier and Much Healthier way to achieve your fitness goals.

Alyssa has been an extremely educated, and a more than necessary addition to Team Spence. In the short time I’ve known her she has helped my body achieve a physical state I had never seen or felt before.

At one point, my Coach himself said that I looked better than he had ever seen me look (this only 4-6 weeks after implementing Alyssa’s meal plan & supplement suggestions). Alyssa worked tremendously hard to make sure she did everything (and more) to help me achieve my goals.

What made me the happiest was not only my amazing results, but the great lengths she Always went! I’m proud to say I’m a completely different Athlete now, and a more imposing and impressionable Fighter!