Rare Republic- On Eggs & Labels: Free Run or Free Range?

You’re standing at your local supermarket scratching your head at what all the labels could mean for the type of eggs you’re about to buy.

Eggs are just eggs! But are they?

Rare Republic, a grass-roots organization that is committed to helping individuals learn more about sustainable food and create a transparent food system, visit a Waterloo Region farmer to ask some questions about the differences and benefits of either Free Run and Free Range chicken eggs.

Some of the answers you may or may not already know. But at least you’ll know have done your research and are now more educated when making you weekly egg purchase.

Check out the interview here—>  http://rarerepublic.com/eggs-free-run-or-free-range-2/

Photo Credit- Zac Jolliffe
Photo Credit- Zac Jolliffe

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