Why some Protein Powders are Frauds!

To go along with Melissa Shadd’s (@naturallyfitmom) post on how just any old protein powder isn’t giving you as much protein as you think and that companies are paying to have their powder amino spiked, ConsumerLab.com has passed along an article that lists some of the things that you are missing out when you buy just any protein powder off the shelf.

Check out ConsumerLab.com and NaturallyFitmom.com’s post about how you need to be selective when choosing a protein powder.


Ultimately, you get what you pay for when you buy Protein Powder!




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2 thoughts on “Why some Protein Powders are Frauds!

  1. This is very useful and important information, who used protein powder supplements. We should know the all necessary information after use any protein powder supplements.

    1. We thought so too! If we are going to supplement a protein powder with whole protein sources, like chicken or beef, than we should trust that the supplements we use are actually benefiting us and not holding us back!

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