TNTSonline Transformation – Ashley & Chad

I knew that I wanted to eat healthier and get into a strength training routine so I started researching online. There is a lot of information available and I found similarities in the articles. My husband and I made some changes and saw slight improvements on our own, but it was really hard to keep up with. I think this is mostly because we lacked a structure to follow. That is when I recognized that we didn’t have all the resources to do it on our own and needed help.

Through Facebook, I was able to follow what Alyssa (nutrition) and Craig (training) had started and saw their progress, which is absolutely inspiring! I had mentioned the program to Chad because I knew that we both would have to be on board, supporting each other, to make it work. Contacting TNTS online was an easy decision for me since I have known Alyssa from our youth soccer days.

Signing up for the 12 week fitness and nutrition plan is one of the best choices we have made. The first week was the most challenging because it was all new, but we were ready to make these changes. Having a tailored nutrition plan with specific foods and quantities, has been great to follow. Batch cooking is now a routine and I love not having to make dinner every night. The workouts Craig prepares are hard in all the right ways. Prior to this program, I steered clear of free weights and equipment at the gym. Now I look forward to lifting at the gym because it makes me feel strong and I have witnessed the changes to my energy levels, sleeping habits, attitude and over happiness and well being.

Ashley's 12 week Nutrition & Training Transformation
Ashley’s 12 week Nutrition & Training Transformation



Chad's 12 week Nutrition & Training Transformation
Chad’s 12 week Nutrition & Training Transformation


Since completing the program I feel empowered to make smart, healthy and sustainable food decisions. I have never, ever had this body composition in my entire life – it’s so motivating, uplifting and freeing to feel this way. I haven’t hit all of my goals YET but that hasn’t discouraged me. I am excited to keep pushing through challenges, lift heavier to build my strength and continue to work on my new lifestyle.