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I am 45 years old and I became “athletic” for the first time in my life at the age of 42. I joined Boxing by Syd Vanderpool in February 2012. I started off with the fitness boxing (am now sparring and hopefully will be doing an actual boxing fight!) and started to see results of losing weight and body formation. I don’t know the exact weight I was at when I joined…I just know it was around 200lbs+. I stopped getting on the scale for years. I was wearing a men’s 38″ waiste…at at times that was even snug.

When Alyssa teamed up with Boxing by Syd February 2014, I was a little intrigued and inspired by watching all the weight lifters and power lifting trainers and members. I had heard very positive feed back with regards to Alyssa Coppolino and her nutrition expertise. I had made a significant improvement with my weight loss but felt that I had no idea how to properly fuel my body.

In August 2014 I decided to commit to Alyssa’s 12 week nutrition program. Honestly, I never found it tough or rough to do. It actually helped me fuel my body appropriately along with losing weight and inches off my body. Alyssa was there for me every step of the way and if I had any concerns or challenges she was there to give the advice, adjust my nutrition plan and anything else I needed. As you can see by my before and after pictures, her nutrition plan works! I have strongly recommended her to anyone that I talk to that asked me how I got to the way I am today.

I strongly suggest that you get in touch with her if you want to become more healthy and learn out to fuel your body properly! I had lost a total of 12lbs and not sure how many inches off my body by doing this plan! I continue today to follow the routine of fueling my body appropriately like she taught me! And I don’t even have to think about it….it’s all natural to me!

Tammy was an online 12-Week Custom Nutrition client who busted butt in Syd Vanderpool’s Boxing Fitness classes and gave herself a new healthier outlook to fitness and life!
Tammy’s Transformation on TNTSonline’s 12-Week Nutrition Program


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