Sacrifice Convenience & Free Time – There Can’t Always be Balance!

There is always talk about “Having Balance.” People allude to wanting the body of their dreams like the girls on fitness magazine covers, and then continue to binge drink on weekends and stuff their face at the local food truck event. Or wanting that elusive six-pack of sexy abs and then going out on ladies night and getting trashed with their girls friends. That’s not balance my friends, that’s being totally the opposite- unbalanced.

Balanced is having your goals straight; knowing what you want and doing what ever you can do get what you want! This doesn’t have to be strictly related to fitness, but can be linked to entrepreneurship, getting your PhD, finishing school, etc. But I’m going to use the fitness world as an example because that’s where I see it the most as I’m a part of that world.

People who are balanced know that sometimes you have to give up things to get better things. If your goal is to have a six pack you bust ass all week- making the stair master your B****, measuring every morsel of food that enters your mouth and making sure you get in adequate water, but then you go out and get smashed and when the munchies hit you head over to the corner store for Doritos and gummy bears. This to me says you’re Un-Balanced!

Get your priorities straight! Do you really think, and I mean REALLY think that the girls on those magazine covers work hard for 5 days of the week and then stuff their face with Oreo donuts, ice caps and buckets of Hagen Daas on the weekends?! Abso-frigan-lutely NOT! These are dedicated, hard working, determined and BALANCED individuals- their priorities are totally in line with their goal. They measure their food, they prepare their meals ahead of time, they drink their water and they carry their meals with them wherever they go. And yes, I have two of those oversized cooler bags that I take with me AND a stereotypical bodybuilder 1 gallon jug of water.

There is too much of this, “You can have your cake and eat it too!” and it isn’t true! It doesn’t work that way in the real world. Ladies, you can’t have a rich man without having a busy man. Hard work yields results! And if you slack, or put unhealthy, unbalanced behavior before your goals, it will show.

Don’t be a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde of your goals- don’t pretend to be following your plan 100% the whole week, then when Friday/Saturday nights come along go out and do body shots. That to me is Unbalanced behavior. If the progress towards your goals is slow, or stalling then I don’t believe you deserve a beer binge night. First off, Beer or drinking in general does not do kind things to a woman’s physique. And it definitely doesn’t do anything for your results.

You have to choose- results, abs, a tiny waist, Pro card or Gold Medal OR pretend like you “deserve” a treat/beer/twinkie every weekend.

You can’t have a pizza or chicken wings every weekend and then whine about how slow your results are happening! You can’t negotiate with your body. Train like a machine, eat healthy and in the right portions and you will eventually get the six pack or fitness model look you’ve be working for. But you can’t think that being “Balanced” is the way to reach that goal.

Think deep down into the innermost parts of your soul and figure out what you REALLY want. Then train and eat accordingly. This might mean giving up booze, chocolate and any fun foods in general. It all depends on what you really, and I mean really want.

Are you fuelled by Food? Or are you fuelled by the idea your own success?

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