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Every girl wants to fill out a pair of jeans, Lulu Lemons or a pair of shorts with a bigger, healthier looking butt! But not every girl has been blessed with a nice full booty. So how do we remedy this problem? With a better understanding of our Booty Anatomy, How to train and one FREE Killer Glute workout!

This is how you should feel after a Leg Day.
This is how you should feel after a Leg Day.

Remember, if you’re enjoying your leg workouts, you’re definitely NOT DOING IT RIGHT!!

Leg Days HURT; You sweat a lot, You’re out of breath, Your face is flushed and red like a tomato, Your legs just plain hurt and then for 2 to 3 days afterwards, you’re still struggling to get up off the toilet, go up and down stairs, get out of the car and much much more.

So, taking all of these horrible things into consideration let me go through a few things that may help you set up your own Regretful, yet Satisfying Leg Days.

This is your Butt- McGraw-Hill Gluteal Muscles Anatomy Diagram
This is your Butt- McGraw-Hill Gluteal Muscles Anatomy Diagram

 Anatomy of the Booty:

  • -Gluteus Maximus
  • -Gluteus Medius
  • -Gluteus Minimum
  • -And Many more…


Gluteus Maximum, Medius and Minimum are your big ones. They are, what we call, superficial (nearest to the surface). There are many smaller important muscles beneath our Glutes, but what gives you that round booty shape is th Gluteus Maximus (you’ll probably just forget the many little ones, so don’t worry about memorizing those ones).

Gluteus Maxiumus is the Biggest one that runs basically from the just below the top of your hip bone at the back to the bottom of your tailbone and out to the sides of your hip bone (the part that clicks at lot on us girls). This Big Ass muscle (pun intended) helps us extend our thighbone; example, donkey kick-backs. As well, our glute muscles help up laterally rotate, twist our foot outwards and it also helps us get up from a seated position.

This muscle works the best when your thighbones are flexed; example, in a seated or deadlift position and when straightening from a bending position. So ladies, do you deadlifts, your squats, your pull-throughs and your glute bridges!!

Glute Medius & Minimus- these smaller and deeper muscles (underneath your Gluteus Maximus) help the Big Ass muscle do that same stuff. But because of their shape and attachments to your lower leg bones they tend to contribute more to abducting (the “Yes” machine) and stabilizing the hip joint.

Other contributing muscles that help to stabilize your hips are the tensor fascia latae (no, not Latte), piriformis, obturator internus, superior & inferior gemelli and the quadratus femoris (which is a strong lateral, or towards the outside, rotator. So when I tell you to rotate your knees over your pinkies toes during our leg session, that’s one of the muscles you’re working). Don’t get me wrong, these muscles ARE very important in keeping you upright and stabilizing your supporting leg when you’re walking. But for now, just focus on the Big Ass muscle and it’s little helpers: Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus.


Reps & Sets

What kind of ranges or repetitions (reps) and how many times do we go through them (sets)? This is all really dependent on what you’re trying to achieve and the amount of weight you’re using.

Everyone’s training preferences are different. Different strokes for different folks, here so what works for your neighbor might not work for you. So, rather than following a formula, be your own guinea pig and try out different methods and see which you like the most and get the most results from. I, for instance, prefer lifting heavy and with lots of volume.

Here is a simple breakdown:

To Build Strength- Use 80-90% of your 1 rep max for 1-5 reps, 4-7 sets. Rest should be long enough to recover in order to hit each rep and set at about 60-100% of your all out speed on each rep, say 2min to 5min.

To Build Muscle- Using weight that is 60-80% of your 1 rep max for 6-12 reps for 4-8 sets. Your speed of each rep should be about 60-90% of your all out effort. Rest between sets should be kept on the shorter side of 2 to 4min.

To Build Endurance- Use 40-60% of your 1 rep max, for high reps of 15-60 for sets of 2-4. With minimal rest between sets, and spending about 2min to 3min doing each of your sets. Basically you should be totally gassed, and each week you should be able to catch your breath faster and faster. Which will be one of your markers of improvement in anaerobic endurance.


Using Heavy Weight vs. Girly Weight

This is the age-old concern for many girls: “I don’t want to get Bulky! I want to Tone!!” Like nails on a chalkboard to me. If it were easy for girls to gain weight, well, I’d look like a dude. But I don’t. You know why? Estrogen!

My friend recently sent me a photo of what she titled “I squatted every plate in the gym”. The Smith Machine (not even a barbell) was “loaded” with that looked like a 45lb, 25lb, 10, 5 and a 2.5lb. That was all that this gym had? The dumbbells went up to, a strange, 32.5lbs. Why is it that a Women’s only gym doesn’t even give the women members an option of lifting heavy? Do women really still believe that lifting weights (and I would hardly count this as weight) make you huge? It baffles me!

“I don’t want to be Bulky”

“I don’t want too much muscle”

“I want to Tone Up” …

Those who do need to get a Lobotomy.
My reaction to people who say I shouldn’t lift heavy…

Three phrases that drive me crazy! If it were that simple gaining muscle, myself and a lot of my fellow “Chicks Who Lift”, would be massive. Ladies, it’s just not that simple to gain muscle. And lifting a max of 5 and 10lbs isn’t going to turn you into a man.

First, us women just don’t have the ability to put on muscle the way guys put on muscle. The difference is our endocrine systems: our hormones. Men and women have a chemical that courses through them, but men have more. And it’s this chemical or hormone that gives men an affinity for building muscle much more easily; Testosterone. This hormone, along with diet, training frequency and effort, is what separates men and women’s ability to gain muscle.

Morpheus knows...
Morpheus knows…

Next is your dedication and the effort put into training and how you fuel your body that separates the way a guy and girl put on muscle. It seems to me that girls have been told that lifting weights is bad, and that you will start looking like a Dude. Not True! You’ll never gain the muscle mass a guy does, so put down the pink 2.5lbs dumbbells and make your way over to the 15’s and 20’s, pick them up and build some muscle! You’ll get stronger, help you lead a healthier life, incinerate body fat and just feel and look great!

Now that you have a better understanding of some programming secrets (I’d be more apt to call it training common sense) and which muscles you’re actually training, I want to see girls getting out there and not being afraid to train hard and heavy!! Build the Booty you’ve always wanted! Fill out those expensive jeans, those Freddy pants and that cute Brazilian bikini bottom!

 Try this Booty workout on for size!

Depending on your current level of booty, try this workout 1-2x a week and let us know how your jeans fit after a few weeks.

5 x 15- Sumo Deadlifts

4 x 20- Ukranian Deadlifts

4 x 10-15- Romanian Deadlifts


4 x 12-15- Laying Leg Curls- push hips into pad, quads come off pad a bit at top of movement

3 x 20- Banded or Cable Pull Throughs


3 x 12-15- Reverse Hyper Extensions of Incline Bench or Hyper machine (hold 3sec at top)

1 x 50- Hip Circle or Banded Prisoner Squats

3 x 15- Hip Circle or Banded Glute Hip Thrusts


BA Kin, Hol. Nutritionist, Personal Trainer

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