Bee Pollen: The Bees Knees

Yes, I’m talking about the little granules that stick to bees’ knees as they hop from flower to flower, gathering pollen to be returned to the hive. If there were such things as a magic bullet for health, weight loss and possibly even an antidote for aging, than this would be it!

Bee pollen is considered one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods, and therefore can be deemed a super food. It’s protein content is astonishingly high, with 40% protein assimilation and much of that is in the form of free form amino acids, which are used directly in the human body. Bee pollen has more amino acids than beef, eggs or cheese of equal weight.

bee pollenAnother interesting fact about bee pollen is that it cannot be synthesized in a laboratory.

Bee pollen contains all essential components of life and helps to correct our present-day unbalance and deficient diets. We eat incomplete foods, we add chemicals and coloring, which have been known to lead to numerous physiological problems. Chinese medicine and other cultures have been using bee pollen to prevent and cure many conditions, including, regulating intestines, reducing cravings and addictions, preventing infectious diseases, like influenza virus, building new blood and improving endurance and vitality. Bee pollen is rich in proteins, free amino acids (readily available and useable by our bodies) and vitamins including Bs.


Bee Pollen for Weight Management

Bee pollen works to help stabilize and or correct chemical imbalances in the metabolism related to sudden/abnormal weight gain or loss. I helps to stimulate metabolic processes by speeding up caloric burn. It contains 15% lecithin, which helps to dissolve & flush fat from the body, all the while lowering LDL (low density cholesterol, the bad stuff) and protecting the heart from high cholesterol and heart disease.

Not only does it lower cholesterol levels, it also works to eliminate cravings and even suppress appetite. Now, since this is a super food it has super powers- when someone is overweight, phenylalanine (an amino acid in bee pollen) works to suppress appetite, but when you’re underweight, the bee pollen acts in reverse, stimulating ones appetite. So bee pollen works for whatever your weight related goal is!


Preventing & Relieving Allergies

Bee pollen is also a remedy for allergies and hay fever, if taken at least 6 weeks before the allergy season and throughout, and can be a relief for sufferers. The theory here is that you are exposing your immune system to small amounts of the allergen in order to stimulate your body to produce antibodies against the allergen, preventing a reaction. Bee pollen works to control bronchitis, colitis, digestive tract ulcers, migraines and urinary disorders. And it not only helps to prevent these conditions, but it also works alarmingly fast to bring close to immediate relief of long standing symptoms.


Bee Pollen & Other Miracles

  • It’s seen to increase strength of as high as 40-50% in those taking it regularly,
  • As topical treatment, it’s been shown to smooth, soothe and rejuvenate dull, muddy skin. Prevents aging of the skin cells and stimulates the growth of new skin tissue,honey-bee-pollen-baskets
  • Bee pollen stimulates ovarian function,
  • Contains an antibiotic effect against some harmful intestinal bacteria,
  • Positively effects blood composition, increasing both red & white blood cells,
  • Normalizes cholesterol levels and blood serum levels.


As you can see there are virtually endless uses of bee pollen. But try to keep in mind the next time you’re trying to kill a bee for mistaking you for a flower, that is takes a honey bee 8 hours a day for 1 month to gather only 1 teaspoon of pollen.

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