TNTSonline Transformation- Rebecca

TNTSonline Transformation Client, Rebecca came to us a bit apprehensive but ready to work!

Her husband had already introduced her to lifting, but she wanted more!

Food was a bit of a Scary concept to her so the idea of a “Diet” wasn’t really all that exciting to her. But, after 12 Weeks of hard work and tracking her food, Rebecca turned her leaving her comfort zone into a Weight Loss Journey that won’t end just at 12 Weeks!

Congratulations Rebecca! Down 18lbs in 12 weeks and WAY UP in Strength & Confidence!

“What can I say? Alyssa made it possible!  I lost 18lbs in 12 weeks! I was never hungry and my diet was not lacking anything. The workouts were tough but, because of Alyssa I learned to push myself to limits I didn’t know existed and have more confidence now than I have ever had. Looking forward to a healthy and fit future!”


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