It’s All About Choices

It’s All About Choices:

Getting Back on Track After the Holidays


We’ve all indulged, most of us a little too much. But heck! That’s what the Holidays are for: eating, drinking and being merry! Don’t feel guilty or ashamed or feel bad for yourself. It’s time to set some goals and start working towards them TODAY!

No better time like the present, as the wise ones say.

So where do you start?


First, Cut Yourself Some Slack! Everyone has slip-ups or over indulgences. It happens! Move on! When you’re extremely hard on yourself you create undue pressure and this is what will lead you to be less inclined to start fresh again and get back on track. So Relax and realize that what is in the past is done. You only have the present to focus on. Don’t spend on the energy worrying about what happened and instead focus on how you’re going to make change right now to better set yourself up for the future.


Second, change your verbiage! Recognizing your excuses and changing your phrasing will help you take a little more ownership in your actions rather than falling into excuse after excuse.

For example, a common excuse is “I don’t have time for 30min of cardio” when really it’s a matter of “I don’t make time for 30min of cardio”. Stepping back and seeing that it’s not about whether or not you HAVE time, but rather you are MAKING time for cardio. Everyone has an extra 30min to dedicate to a small but intense workout- at home or the gym. 30min is nothing! So instead of throwing out excuse after excuse, maybe step back and analyze your words and find a solution. If your goals are truly important enough to you, you’ll find a way.


Next is Just Do It! Yes, it sucks sometimes. But NO ONE has ever said, “I really shouldn’t have worked out…” or “I regret that workout.” Starting Right Now is the Best way to start building that habit back. Yes, a slip can make for one hell of a slide. BUT you’re an adult and you do have willpower and dedication. It’s all about choice. And choosing to get back on track with your goals are totally and completely in your own hands.


In terms of Food, all it takes is one good meal to get your day started off right. Make GOOD HEALTHY choices for breakfast. Well, make sure that you have breakfast! After breakfast, make good choices for lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. It takes a cascade of Great food choices to get you back on track and feeling good.

Take it one meal at a time.


If you’re bored of eating the same old thing, well then there is this revolutionary thing called The Interweb. And believe it or not, you can find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on there: food, fitness, motivation, ANYTHING! Bored of eating the same old chicken and broccoli (why anyone would be bored of that is beyond me -___-) then find something new & delicious! Spice up your meal plan a bit so that you don’t stray from the healthy stuff.


Remember, It’s All About Choices! We make choices all day long: which radio station to play, what time to wake up, how to make our coffee, what we wear and what foods we put in our mouths. So, this means that we are making to work towards our goals or to say screw it.

I had a stranger say to me the other day that she had been to trainer after trainer, gym after gym and hadn’t lost the weight she was hoping to. And that she was going to try this one last time before she said forget it. I thought that was such an odd thing to say. That what, you just literally give up and start stuffing your face and laying around? Her attitude was so out of whack and I had to tell her that. I said “I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but just from this conversation and what you’ve told me, I think you need to change your attitude and take some ownership.”


One thing that I’ve learned while being a personal trainer is that you CANNOT care more than the client. If the client doesn’t want to help themselves and you pour your heart, time, knowledge and encouragement into them and they still cheat and stuff their face at home or only give half an effort in the gym, then that choice is on them and NOT the trainer.

Some people have this sense of entitlement, and I’ll admit that I sometimes have it to.

You need to put in a long-term effort for sustainable results. Also remember that nothing comes without some sacrifice. You can’t expect to see the results without a little discomfort and inconvenience. Whether that is waking up an hour earlier, going to bed an hour later or missing your favourite TV show (chances are Netflix has it and you can just watch it later anyway). But everything is a choice and if you choose to get a trainer then you need to remember that you’re still doing the work! The Trainer is only giving you some guidance and motivation. The rest is up to you!


Long story short, don’t beat yourself up over a few bad meals this holiday season. Choose to get back on track TODAY. Next, recognize and change your verbiage- excuses don’t need to happen. You “not having time” is likely a choice. For food, just take it one meal at a time. Be prepared, drink your water and watch your portions. Lastly, it’s all about what YOU CHOOSE! You have the power to change or to stay the same. But if you’re not uncomfortable and if you haven’t made a few sacrifices here and there, then you’re likely still in the same spot you were unhappy with in the first place.

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