Megan – 12 week Nutrition Testimonial

This morning I stepped on the scale and saw 160lbs. Although I was hoping for 159lbs it wasn’t in the card or my scale is a LIAR! Which is what I like to think. lol. I started at 183lbs and now I’m 160lbs for a total of 23 pounds!! 3lbs more than I planned.
Sunday will be my 34th birthday, which is something I had not considered prior to hiring you.  What makes me smile is that I was present enough to listen to my inner wisdom about getting help where I needed it and as a result I have given myself the best birthday gift I have ever received. That is the gift of health and understanding.  I feel humbled by the amount of knowledge I have gained about my body and I know without you’re help I wouldn’t have been as successful as I have been.
When I began I was clear about wanting to develop health habits that would allow me to enjoy live and be in social situations and continue to make the best choices for my body and my health.
The last time I lost a significant amount of weight I was dating my trainer and also not working very much, and when I think back to that time it was very easy to loose weight because I lived with the person who said,  “don’t eat that,” or “do this work out,” and when you have 3 hrs a day to be in a gym its a no brainer.
But that wasn’t real life. It certainly wasn’t something I was able to keep up on my own, I felt powerless, as I watched my numbers climbed the scale back to the weight I was prior to that stage.
Megan's Journey!
As a result, I felt hopeless and tried to ‘make peace’ with my big body that wasn’t actually a peaceful state for me to be in, and I wasn’t happy there, I didn’t really WANT to make peace with that state, I wanted to feel alive and frisky.
Working with you and having you as a support for questions was crucial for me.  Especially since you are a woman and you understand what women go through during this process.  I feel like when I have been heavier it was obvious I wasn’t being accountable to myself, I felt like there was something bigger than me and I wasn’t strong enough to do it for myself, but there is something special about the buddy system, just the though of “not letting someone else down” was enough for me in the beginning.  Since I tend to be a people pleasure to a fault, this just worked out as an easy motivation in the beginning.  What changed was when I noticed that I was actually making progress all by myself and most of what I was doing was paying attention to what I was feeding my body, noticing when I felt like eating and figuring out the difference between, ‘am I hungry because I need fuel? or am I hungry because I’m bored and this is the habit I’ve created as a result?”, Maybe I’m really just thirsty, I’ll take a big glass of water and wait 10 minutes and see how I feel. Often the water was missing element, I got to learn the difference between when my body felt hungry and when it needed water! That was paramount during this process. I have a new mantra, “when in doubt, water, water, water”.
I feel equipped with tools I didn’t have before. I feel happy and sexy and like I show the world who I really am. I feel my best foot is put forward and I’m also excited to have you as my ACE in my back pocket, for future use. So you haven’t heard the last of me!
I wanted to write this final check in email as a bit of a testimonial for you as well as a summary of my experience, please feel free to use this in whatever way serves you best.
I cant tell people enough great thing about you and your program and support, I also felt intimidated by you and all your fitness success, I wondered if you would ever take me on because I felt like such a lost cause, but I felt like you didn’t see me like that, I felt that you were always excited about what was possible, I felt that you saw the potential and you held me to a higher standard than I held myself and for me that was vital to my starting, continuing and completing these 12 wks.
Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us, thank you for standing on the podium (figuratively and literally you super star), and reaching down and back to help others come forward, the world is lucky to have you and those like you.

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