Banu – 12/24 week Testimonial

I started working with Alyssa approximately 3 years ago. I reached out when I wanted to take my training and nutrition to the next level. We worked together for many sessions and really elevated my physique. I took everything Alyssa taught me and implemented it into a healthy lifestyle. She taught me what worked for me, taught me how to eat to fuel my body and how to train smart. Alyssa gave me the tools to live a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.

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Banu's 12 week Booty transformation & her 24week testimonial!
Banu’s 12 week Booty transformation & her 24week testimonial!











I decided to work with Alyssa again when I reached a low in my life this past year – stressed out and out of shape – I needed to make a change and there was only one person I knew could help me. It was a rough start but Alyssa stuck with me, cheered me on, kicked my butt and celebrated all my wins. Alyssa knew what I was capable of and pushed me to reach my potential. She got me back into the gym even though I was so self conscious and made me take responsibility for my nutrition, teaching me how to stay within my macros. Alyssa also helped me transition to a vegetarian lifestyle in a healthy manner.

And now 24 weeks later, I can’t believe the change in myself. I love the gym – seeking out new workouts and enjoying all the progress. I love cooking healthy and nutritious meals and know I can enjoy the occasional splurge without any guilt. And the change isn’t only physical but mental as well – my head and heart are a much better place. It isn’t only about looks, it isn’t only about how much weight you can lift – Alyssa cares so much about the whole you. She does everything to support her clients, is always available to answer any questions and does everything she can to ensure her clients succeed. She is an encyclopedia of information and loves to teach her clients – knowledge is power & strength!! Alyssa isn’t only my trainer, she is my good good friend and I absolutely adore her. I know I will work with her throughout my life, either to get me back on track or to push me to the next level. Alyssa loves what she does, loves to help people and loves to share in your journey. And I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Alyssa by my side!!

Photos speak for themselves…hard work, dedication and a great trainer!!


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