MOMMY Testimonial – Don’t be Afraid to Train!!

Let’s face it ladies, pregnancy is tough. After a rough year of trying for this little guy, I was hesitant to get back into the gym after taking an 8 week break until I was 12 weeks along. I didn’t want to be one of those moms who made pregnancy an excuse to eat and the whole idea of “eating for two” wasn’t about to become my life. I’ll admit that I was paranoid about the weight gain and body changes at first after being in such good shape for the past 2 and a half years. I tried the meal plan to make sure I was getting enough nutrients for both me and babe, but with morning sickness and distaste for meat and my beloved protein, it was a no go. I stuck to macros, and away from the typical pregnancy snacks (ice cream, chips, candy), and when I did have a craving, they made me sick to my stomach anyways.

As for exercise, Alyssa, as always was patient, understanding and made me feel like a human getting back into the gym and in a routine again, even though the workouts were shorter and less intense than I was used to, I tried not to push it to prevent and overheating and exhausting myself and my new workout buddy tagging along. Progressively, things got easier, muscle memory kicked in and I had energy again!! Did I skip days-of course. Did I intend to go but just couldn’t make it-definitely. Listening to my body, resting and remembering I have someone else’s well-being to worry about made all the difference.

At 3 weeks pregnant, I was 124 lean pounds. And at 6 months, with only 24 gained, I feel healthy, happy and just as confident with my body!

Mikayla's Healthy mommy body Transformation!
Mikayla’s Healthy mommy body Transformation!


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