I can’t say enough great things about Alyssa.  I started working with Alyssa at a time when I needed that extra push to see results.  I was getting married later that year and I had hit a plateau for some time.  Alyssa kept me motivated and accountable every step of the way.   Her knowledge and guidance had me doing things I didn’t think I could do prior to working with her.  She pushed me out of my comfort zone and was a great support.  I was more than satisfied with the process and the results.  I had never looked and felt better!

Shortly after the wedding, I got pregnant.  I wasn’t able to work out as frequently, and definitely lost some motivation.  Naturally, once I was cleared to work out, I contacted Alyssa.  This time around was quite different for me.  Alyssa was there to cheer me on even when progress was slow, and I was feeling disappointed.  She kept me in check and brought me back to reality.  She was incredibly knowledgeable and provided target based exercises to strength my core and get me back on track.

I would highly recommend Alyssa for whatever your fitness goals may be.  She is beyond dedicated to her clients and fitness.


Paula - to Bride Transformation
Paula – to Bride Transformation

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